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Apocalypse Rising

Rescue me and my dying flame

Apocalypse Rising.
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The Apocalypse: coming to a theatre near you. (an SPN community)

Hello, and welcome to Apocalypse Rising, the community dedicated to the discussion and exploration of the Apocalypse, on the oh-so-amazing show, Supernatural. Together we can stay alive for season five!

Our goal here is to set up a place for fans to interact with one another and discuss the the show as we delve into the Apocalypse this season. We are pretty laid back, because we want this to be fun, but we do have a few simple rules that we ask you to follow:


1. absolutely NO bitching. There is no reason to bitch. If you want to do this, you can do so on your journal. If you choose not to follow this rule you will be warned once, and and a second transgression will result in immediate banning.

2. No Wank. Period. This may include, but is not limited to, bitching, fighting, soapboxing, bullying, flaming, or politicizing. Any deliberate execution of the above will result in immediate banning from this community.

3. This is not community for Wincest. There are communities geared specifically toward that. Please post there. Anyone who posts to this effect will be asked to leave, and the entry removed. There are no exceptions to this rule. Thanks.

4.: Please try to stay relatively on topic. Obviously pretty much anything goes, as long as it's Supernatural or Winchester related, so this shouldn't be difficult. Some ideas:

a. fic
b. discussions
c. questions
d. graphics
e. episode reviews
f. cast & crew interviews
g. episode spoilers
h. teasers/ trailers
i. Anything else of interest

5. No Winchester-bashing (with the rare exception of John, as both moderators have an issue with him). If we believe something you post is borderline, we will let you know and ask you to edit your entry. Deliberate and baseless hate will not be tolerated.

6. Please place entries greater than 250 words or those including spoilers under a cut labeled specifically to that effect. A spoiler is anything that you find on sites such as Ausiello, Watch With Kristen, or Spoiler TV, containing serious plot twists that people don't want to know in advance...As in "Ruby steals Dean's leather jacket and he kills her to get it back." Also, anything that has aired across the US time zones is NOT a spoiler. If you have something specific you want to address, and you're not sure if it falls under the general category of spoilers, just ask.

7. Cursing and CAPSLOCK are encouraged.

8. Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. Our hope is that you are able to meet people here who you would not have known otherwise and to interact with like-minded fans.

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